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Fabricating LPG (Low Pressure Gas) cylinders that handled compressed air, Freon, acetylene, automotive fuels, liquidMachinable Titanium Carbide Drawing Rings nitrogen, oxygen, liquid propane and other gases, require uniform production in accordance with rigid international standards and specifications.

Two top international producers of LPG tanks have replaced traditional tungsten carbide drawing rings with Ferro-TiC® machinable titanium carbide.  Ferro-TiC®, a patented metal matrix alloy-bonded carbide has a variety of grades to resist abrasion, corrosion, heat, cryogenic temperatures and weight pressures.  Easily machinable from stock blanks, the rounded TiC particles provide excellent sliding wear properties after simple heat treatment.

Topics: Titanium Metal Parts, Ferro-tic

Craig Paullin

Written by Craig Paullin

President of PSM Industries

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